GRIP 31 - Flow improver for rotomoulding

Flow improver. In rotational moulding helps polymer flowing into difficult areas of the mould thus allowing to obtain parts with improved appearance and functionality and better profile.

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EV 841 D - Water based highly concentrated mould release agent

Concentrated water-based silicon release agent.

• Molding of all types of rubber
• Moulding of EVA parts (shoe soles, bags, etc.)


• Excellent release power.
• Extremely low accumulation on the mould.
• Dilutable in demineralised water up to 0,5%
• Does not leave whitish spots or strikes on the surface of moulded part
• Odourless, Non-flammable, Not-harmful.

STEP-UP - Silicone free mould release agent for rubber

Mould release agent designed for injection/compression moulding of several types of rubber compounds especially for silicone rubber.
It is supplied in 2 different versions: liquid or aerosol spray cans.
STEP-UP is silicone free.

STEP-UP provides following benefits:
- Forms a thin, non oily molecular layer on the mould
- Allows easy separation of the part from the mould
- Leaves a dry, non streaky surface of the part
- Resists to very high moulding temperatures (400 °C)
- Silicone free
- CFC free
- Solvent free